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Prime Credit Repair's site looks sharp, there is no denying that. In an industry full of do-it-yourselfers and small start-ups, there are a lot of pretty shoddy websites out there. The Prime Credit Experts website is not one of them.

But while the site looks good, when you dig into it, you see indications that Prime Credit Experts is an unproven offering with plenty of red flags. Sure, there is a lot of good information about credit repair, but there are a lot of details that haven't been minded, a lot of information about Prime itself is absent, and some of the information that is provided is highly suspect.

Many of the Sign Up Now links are not working and if you are able to find a form, it is simply a sign up for a case evaluation form that includes the question "Are you something about Credit repair?". The service descriptions are vague, pricing information is sparse (although in their defense, Prime uses a custom pricing model), and there is no physical address listed on the website. Looking through the About Us section, the Our Mission, Reviews, Partnerships, and Careers sections are all blank pages.

The History page does have some information about the company, most notably the statement that:

"Inc. 500 recognized us as one of the 50 fastest growing financial firms in the United States for the past five years. We were also named the fastest growing company in Los Angeles by The Los Angeles Business Journal."

This unfortunately does not provide much more insight into who Prime Credit Experts really is. Looking through the Inc. 500 lists for the past few years, there is no mention of Prime Credit Experts. The same is true of the list created by The Los Angeles Business Journal. All that did turn up when looking for information about the Journal was two other credit repair companies (Prime Credit Consultants and Accurise) as well as an online marketing company making the exact same Inc. 500 / Fastest Growing claim.

(Worth noting here is that Accurise, a credit repair company that appears to be very closely related to Prime Credit Experts if not operated by the same people, has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and 88 complaints over the past 3 years where "complainants allege the company misrepresents their ability to improve credit report scores, fails to disclose hidden fees associated with the service, and fails to honor their money back guarantee.")

Finally, along with touting some questionable credentials, Prime Credit Experts makes some claims about their service that are hard to swallow. Most notably, Prime claims that they have deleted 1,976,324 negative items in 2012 (as of November 2012) which would make them the first or second largest credit repair company in the country. For a company as new and as relatively unknown as Prime, this claim is pretty difficult to believe.

In fact Prime's own math doesn't even support this 1.9 million items deleted claim. The Prime Credit Consultant website (, which is a near clone of the Prime Credit Experts site, also makes the exact same 1,973,324 deleted items claim. That site contains a "real results" page that is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the credit repair service. That page states that Prime "average[s] 200 deleted and or repaired items per day". Obviously 200 removals per day is nowhere near 1.9 million removals in a year. To see 1.9 million removals, Prime would have to remove well over 5,000 items each and every day of the year. Clearly there is a disconnect between the truth and what Prime would like you to believe.
Year Established:22 year(s) of experience 1998 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
Prime Credit Experts BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 0
Physical Location:Business headquarters Business Office Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption No
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Prime Credit Experts Reviews

Prime Law Experts did a hard pull on my credit w/o permission and won't take the report off my credit. I've been getting the run around for months. They commit fraud with no discipline or oversight. Thanks to Lending Tree and Rapid Creditors for the assist.
What is all this talk of scam ? I invested 59 dollars for a credit file talked to fico certified rep and they walked me through credit repair I paid around 500 dollars and my credit score went up 124 points I got a steal of a auto loan and That would of been impossible without their help

I don't trust these people, they do ask for money up front without doing any work and they are very pushy. I can say that Lexington Law Firm helped my credit.
After searching there website and reaching out to the bbb I found it to be odd that there not listed with them so that was a no brainer for me... It's sad that the government allows companies to defraud consumers like this...Outrageous! I'm glad I research everything....
I just signed up with this company can somebody tell me if im making a big mistake ?
I got information from other sources and prime experts will work for you per your request and expectations.   2/6/2013
I wouldn't, I signed up with them as we'll. and as soon as I asked them to verify their company with us. They hit my account 9 times in one day!! For their fees. I simply asked them to mail me some thing. They told me to print it off their doc u sign or their web page. They refused to tell me anything about what they've already done in order to charge me this amount , an couldn't! I would honestly call this company a major scam! Then they told me they would send me to collections for non payment on services they never verified . As far as even collecting info From me they did that. But never once asked to speak with my husband who was also doing this with me. Never asked for identification , just a checking account! Good luck , I hope this gives you some insight to them. :) Jayme B 3/26/2013
Prime Credit Consultants are a rip off they make promises they don't even attempt to fulfill. When you questions their tactics and ask for results the give you a run around and tell you it take more time. I would never recommend not even to the enemy.
Don't know about the last guy, but these guys worked miracles for me. They removed the items they said they would in the time they stated it would take. I was charged a total of $459.95, and in 5 months my credit score went up 118 points, I would have never got my home at 3.25% 30year fixed without their help, I feel as if I owe them much more, because they have saved me thousands over the life of my loan. 5 stars to this company!
just signed up for this company is it really true that they help you or is it yet just another scam   1/23/2013
I'm in the process of working with this company now and so far so good. I'm hopeful they will help me just like they helped you. Did you have any problems with them at all??? Please advise S Jackson 3/4/2013
This is a scam. They lure you in with a low $60 "fee," then they charge you almost $500...then they tell you that they will give you two "free" months...and then they hit you up for $89.99 a month to basically send letters to the three credit bureaus who have to respond by law...and all the credit bureaus basically do is send you letters stating that they verified the information on the credit bureaus as accurate, and unless you send them something in writing that actually disproves it, they will not change or delete the negative information...this is a not fall for it!
This is totally true. They told me in Sept of 2012 all I had to do was give he $600 for my husband and me, they were giving us a "special couple deal" and in 6 months our credit would improve or our money back. In six months my our credit is worse and they started charging my bank 3 months in, an additional $89.99. I disputed that and got it down to $25/ month. They are impossible to reach, when they do call you, you get vague answers and keep saying we are working on it, it takes time. My husband and I started together and I am only on round 5 letters and he is on round 7. We are getting out, no more money for them and I would not recommend them at all. Elizabeth 4/3/2013
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They are a rip off. They charge a big fee up front $500 to $700, and then after 60 days they start charging $89.99 a month. Not worth it because nothing is accomplished in the first 60 days. They are con artists.
please tell me the whole story
kizzy 10/16/2012
They offered us a bankruptcy removal for $550.00 I was very skeptical as I have never heard of such a thing...I think they are suspicious cons Katianna 10/16/2012
Thanks for the info : ) Lashawn 10/18/2012
They do ask for money upfront and are not supposed to legally until they do work, they charged my card before I even authorized them to. However I canceled service the next day by turning in a cancelation document and I was emailed a reply that my card will be credited.if not I have grounds to dispute Tina m 11/7/2012
Oh yes, prime credit experts are the same as prime credit consultants, they have two websites different names, I forgot to mention this. Tina m 11/7/2012
YES, this company is a scam and they rip people off by
false advertisement and taking the people's money. Money like me that cannot afford to loose, SHAME on
companies that take advantage of individuals. Sue 1/2/2013
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