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810 Los Vallecitos Blvd #A, San Marcos, California 92069
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Started in 2000 and having served over 10,000 clients, MyCreditGroup separates itself form the pack by offering a more complete credit improvement solution.

Where many companies are satisfied with simply sending dispute letter after dispute letter in an attempt to get the credit bureau to remove negative information from your credit reports, MyCreditGroup couples standard disputes with debt negotiation tools that help customers remove not only the errors from their credit reports, but also the damaging listings that are 100% accurate.

Then, once your credit reports are as clean as possible, MyCreditGroup will also assist you in adding good credit to your reports to increase your score even further.
Year Established:19 year(s) of experience 2000 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
My Credit Group BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 0
Physical Location:Business headquarters Business Office Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption No
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Credit Score Coaching
  • Debt Reduction
  • Assistance Building New Credit
  • Pay for Deletions
  • Debt Settlement
Services cost $69 per month with a one time initial fee of $99.

My Credit Group Reviews

We have been using this company since 02/25/09. Most people enrolled in credit repair/optimization consulting programs tend to become neglectful in following through with their obligation of returning necessary info. they are previously requested to send to M.C.G. or any other company they utilize, as the credit reporting agencies respond to their particular inquiry. This company has done EXACTLY what we were promised/told from day one.Customer sevice is what they praise themselves on and we found this to be accurate though mainly through e-mail due to our C.S. rep. caseload. Overall great job Chris and the support group at MY CREDIT GROUP. Let me be clear, we are clients and do not in any way work for this company,but beleive their credit should be reported accuratly here. Thank you staff. John and Glennette.
Shawn and the staff at My Credit Group were able to improve my borrower’s score by 50 points within 30 days. My borrowers couldn’t have qualified for their first home without their help.
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profile last updated: 2/26/2013 10:40:07 PM

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