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3389 Sheridan Street #548, Hollywood, Florida 33021
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If you like hard nosed credit repair tactics, then Good Life Credit may be the right choice for you. Despite their friendly sounding name, Good Like Credit takes an aggressive approach to credit repair. As a DBA of FBLegal, LLC. Good Life employs staff attorneys, Friedman & Brown, LLC, a full service law firm focused on correcting consumer's credit reports. This is not an entirely unique arrangement in the credit repair world, but the way Good Life Credit uses this arrangement may be.

Where other companies, even those backed by law firms, tend to avoid starting from a litigious stance, Good Life Credit focuses on sending pre-suit litigation letters to the credit bureaus. While others take a more non-confrontational approach, Good Life makes it their goal to "force the credit bureaus to correct consumer credit reports and comply with the FCRA".
Year Established:16 year(s) of experience 2003 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
Good Life Credit BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 0
Physical Location:Business headquarters Unknown Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption Yes
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Recommendation Letters
Services range from $59.95 to $99.95 per month with a one time initial fee of $99.95.
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