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On the surface, eCreditAttorney seems like a good alternative to some of the higher priced credit repair firms. Granted, their service offering is limited, but at only $29 per month with no start up costs, it makes sense to test them out for a couple of months to see what happens.

And based on what you find on the eCreditAttorney website, giving them a couple of months seems like a no-brainer. They claim that if you sign up, your case will receive direct involvement from a dedicated and experienced attorney and that with their performance based refund policy, if you don't see results, you won't pay. It's little wonder that eCreditAttorney touts themselves as "the true leader in credit repair".

But when you look a little deeper, there are some serious concerns about the service. The BBB has given eCreditAttorney an F rating in part because of unresolved complaints and has specifically noted that the complaints show a pattern of consumer who claim that the company does not provide the agreed upon services and are evasive when consumers attempt to cancel services.

In addition, California state law states that "No credit services organization shall conduct business in this state unless the credit services organization has first obtained a surety bond in the principal amount of one hundred thousand dollars" and as of January 2012, eCreditAttorney had not posted the required bond.

At the present time, eCreditAttorney's $29 credit repair services have the appearance of a bargain that has proven simply too good to be true.
Year Established:11 year(s) of experience 2008 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
eCreditAttorney BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 6
Physical Location:Business headquarters Unknown Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption Yes
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
Services cost $29 per month.

eCreditAttorney Reviews

I dont know why this company is receiving bad reviews because they helped my credit.I signed up in the during the first week of 09/13 and i payed to expedite my case for 24.00 extra dollars. It wasn't even five weeks into the program and my credit score went from 643 to about 719 with more deletions to follow. I had a very pleasant experience with this company.

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