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PO Box 552, Whiting, Indiana 46394
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Note: This company is no longer offering credit repair services as DSI Solutions. The organization has created a new company called The Credit People headquartered in Florida. The new company's profile page is located here.

DSI Solutions's six-month credit repair program is reported by many as the fastest and most affordable service available online. Complete with full customer support, bi-weekly email updates, and powerful results delivered every 60 days throughout a customers entire six-month program, DSI is recognized as one of the leading credit repair service companies online to date.

When a client first enrolls into the DSI Solutions program, they receive a welcome email from a member of their team within the first 24 hours. This welcome email is also followed up by a personal welcome call from one of DSI's representatives who goes over the entire service in detail. They explain the possible realistic expectations, and answer any questions the client may have.
Year Established:18 year(s) of experience 2001 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
DSI Solutions BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 3
Physical Location:Business headquarters Unknown Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption Yes
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Credit Reports
Services cost $267 with a one time initial fee of $19.

DSI Solutions Reviews

Do not use this company!!!! Waited on hold to speak to customer service to ask questions/get updates (my account is not online) after waiting on hold for 52 minutes they answered and we basically accomplished NOTHING. I called back and pushed the line for "New Customer" and someone picked up promptly. They are quick to pick up that line, sign you up and take your money. After you have signed up ---forget it you just wasted you money that you won't get back/refunded. My sister-in-law used a large, time-tested law firm that fixes credit and they were amazing and professional. Your not on hold an hour waiting to speak to someone. Again, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! What do you bet they delete this review?
Do not waste your time and money. Once they have collected your money you are unable to contact anyone. Now the same number I use to sign up with that took my payment says she works for appletree answering service not the credit people. This is definitely a good scam they have going but I plan to get my attorney involve to look over there terms and find any clause. I will get my refund back if its the last thing I do. I choose this company in good faith. Record any conversation you have these people something is definitely not right!
My review was deleted soon after posting it. Only did that to see if there some type of system monitor on negative reviews. Only adding positive reviews around the web this company had been in business for years using this operation. Since 1998 maybe even earlier....definitely get an attorney involve seems to be a big case. This may be deleted but if any customers have been ripped off by either dsi solution/ the credit people and whatever other name they go by please contact me at sfwoodard27@hotmail.com. Please first file a complaint with the BBB.org false advertisement. They are not a reg. member as they suggest also default product and service. I plan to pursue I want my refund and you deserve yours.... I will continue to post wherever I can until I hear from the BBB.org and file a complaint with the state general attorney office. Beware!!!
All submitted reviews are moderated to make sure they do not contain profanity, objectionable content, or are spam, and do not appear on the site until that time. As you can see above, the review was not deleted. CreditRepairCompare.com 9/4/2013
Be careful. They will not give you a refund even though they say their service is guranteed. They can't tell you exactly what account they will dispute, and that it is just 'their system' and that they guarantee it works. Their service will get some negative items removed, but it is not thourough or accurately. If you check your records carefully, you'll see that they aren't disputing all the items. In my case they only disputed 6 negative accounts on Experian and 2 on Transunion. Not other disputes were filed. Across all three agencies I had about 21 negative accounte. 7 per credit agency. They disputed 8 of 21. Getting them on the phone is near impossible, and when it came time for a refund they are no where to be found. Its an ok service for folks who don't know what their doing, but if you're serious about credit repair, go somewhere else.
Signed up with them today. Quick to respond to me, hope all goes well!
You are one of the agents or criminals stop posting fake reviews. Sharonda 9/3/2013
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you just lost hard earned cash. Tammy 9/17/2013
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