Best Credit Repair Companies

We've aggregated the results of over a dozen credit repair company reviews sites
and resources to create this list of the top ten rated credit repair companies of 2013.

Lexington Law

Score: 8.44 #1 Rate: 38% Inclusion Rate: 100%
reasons given for rankings: »Largest credit repair company »Over 3.3 million items removed in 2012 »Highly experienced credit repair firm
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Sky Blue Credit Repair

Score: 8.00 #1 Rate: 38% Inclusion Rate: 88%
reasons given for rankings: »A+ BBB rating with 0 complaints »Simple, effective service »Less than half the price of some competitors
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Ovation Credit

Score: 6.94 #1 Rate: 6% Inclusion Rate: 94%
reasons given for rankings: »Founded by attorneys »Prices starting at $39 per month »Customizable credit repair program
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My Credit Group

Score: 4.31 #1 Rate: 6% Inclusion Rate: 69%
reasons given for rankings: »Offers debt settlement assistance »Personal one-on-one coaching »Holistic credit repair service

The Credit People*

Score: 2.88 #1 Rate: 0% Inclusion Rate: 50%
reasons given for rankings: »3 payments of $89 plus a one time $19 fee »Includes free credit report »Money back plus $50 if no results achieved

Veracity Credit Consultants

Score: 2.69 #1 Rate: 0% Inclusion Rate: 56%
reasons given for rankings: »Honest, straightforward communication »Informative online resources and weekly newsletter »Ove 10 years experience

Score: 1.56 #1 Rate: 0% Inclusion Rate: 19%
reasons given for rankings: »Industry leading technology »Years of credit repair experience »Low set-up fee

Academy Credit

Score: 1.50 #1 Rate: 0% Inclusion Rate: 38%
reasons given for rankings: »Dedicated "credit mentor" »Emphasis on educating customers »Offers services for budgeting, debt management, etc.

Fowler & Fowler

Score: 1.06 #1 Rate: 0% Inclusion Rate: 19%
reasons given for rankings: »Disputes all negatives at once »In business for over a decade »A+ BBB rating

Best Legal Credit Repair

Score: 0.94 #1 Rate: 6% Inclusion Rate: 13%
reasons given for rankings: »Experience in credit and debt industries »Assistance adding positive credit »Reasonable monthly fee

We say...

Lexington Law is by far the largest credit repair company and that may turn some people off, but the simple fact is Lexington Law's credit repair services are proven and effective.
Sky Blue touts some impressive numbers; 20 years experience, $49 per month, 90 day guarantee, etc. But the most impressive is 0 - as in 0 complaints with the BBB. That's unheard of for a credit repair company of Sky Blue's size.
Ovation is one of the original credit repair firms. They may not be the biggest or the most flamboyant, but in an industry where with more than its fair share of scammers, there is something to be said for a company that quietly and effectively does its job.
You'll be hard pressed to find another highly experienced, A+ rated company that provides a more complete credit improvement solution than MyCreditGroup.
Charges less for 6 months of service than a lot of other companies charge for 2.

Where do these rankings come from?

We looked at the rankings for the top credit repair ranking and reviews sites and created this list based on the combined data from those sites. Each site was given equal weight.

To arrive at our results, we assigned a number score for each placement in a list. A first place ranking was awarded 10 points, second place was awarded 9 points, thirds place 8 points, and so on. Tenth place was awarded 1 point and on sites where there are more than 10 credit repair companies listed, we disregarded the rankings higher than the tenth spot. We then summed up the total number of points awarded to each company and ranked them according to votes from highest to lowest. The result of this is the list you see above.

The Score provided for each company shows the average number of points the company scored when looking at all the rankings we included. A perfect score of 10 would have meant the company was ranked number one on all sites we looked at.

The #1 Rate is the percentage of sites we looked at that listed the company in the number one position and the Inclusion Rate is the percentage of sites that included the company in their top ten results.

*Includes combined rankings from DSI Solutions and The Credit People

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