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There are hundreds of credit repair companies out there to choose from so to make that
task a little easier, we've put together the following table to help you separate the
companies you want to look at further from the ones you rather not waste your time
dealing with.
Credit Repair Services BBB
Toll Free Number Physical Location Online Signup Online Account Management Credit Bureau Disputes Creditor Interventions Credit Score Coaching Debt Reduction Rating Unresolved Complaints
Lexington Law 800-594-5595 Business Office A+ 0
Sky Blue Credit Repair 800-790-0445 Business Office A+ 0
Ovation Credit 866-639-3426 Business Office A- 0
My Credit Group 800-430-7494 Business Office A+ 0
The Credit People 866-382-3410 Unknown A- 0
Veracity Credit Consultants 866-518-2194 Business Office A- 0 800-439-8735 Business Office B 0
Academy Credit 800-857-5268 Business Office F 7
Fowler and Fowler 866-524-2328 Personal Residence A+ 0
Best Legal Credit Repair 800-455-9416 Unknown C 0
180 Credit Solutions 866-964-4787 Business Office A 0
Aggressive Credit Repair LLC no Personal Residence A+ 0
Attractive Credit 800-455-9416 Unknown A 0
Clean Slate Credit Solutions 866-538-9548 Business Office A+ 0
Credit Assistance Network 800-811-3078 Business Office A+ 0
Credit Attorney 800-811-9935 Business Office A+ 0 800-750-1416 Business Office A- 0
Good Life Credit 800-583-1628 Unknown A 0
Heartland Credit Restoration 888-573-2822 Business Office A 0
Key Credit Repair 877-842-5215 Business Office A 0
Legacy Legal 800-630-9349 Business Office A+ 0
MSI Credit Solutions 866-217-9811 Business Office A 0
National Credit Consultants 866-970-0351 Business Office A 0
National Credit Fixers 888-623-4937 Unknown A+ 0
Onyx Legal Credit Repair 888-322-3643 Business Office A+ 0
Prime National Credit Repair 800-725-4545 Business Office A+ 0
Simple Credit Online 888-901-5243 Business Office A 0
The Credit Pros Intl 800-411-3050 Business Office A- 0
Vitesse Financial 866-407-9110 Business Office A+ 0
National Credit Care 866.595.6313 Business Office B+ 0
Prime Credit Experts 800-879-6192 Business Office B 0
Zinu Credit Repair 800-400-9468 Business Office B 0
Specialty Services Credit Repair 866-678-9712 Unknown D- 1
Allen Michael 800-470-5829 Business Office F 0
Andorra Credit Repair no Business Office F 0
BCR Consulting 866-540-4192 Business Office F 0
Beacon Credit no Business Office F 0 800-750-5027 Business Office F 1
CCRS Credit Services no Business Office F 0
CommonWealth Credit Consulting & Restoration 888-359-3535 Business Office F 0
CRE Credit Services 888-799-7267 Business Office F 9
DSI Solutions 866-382-3410 Unknown F 3
Easy Solutions - Financial Credit Services no Business Office F 0
eCreditAttorney 877-435-7213 Unknown F 6
EZ Credit Repair 866-979-1099 Business Office F 2
FINIV Credit Counseling 866-290-4949 Business Office F 0
Inworks Credit Solutions 855-388-7799 Business Office F 10
New Age Credit no Business Office F 0
RMCN Credit Services 888-469-7372 Business Office F 2
The Credit Experts 866-626-2293 Business Office F 1
Trinity Credit Services 866-397-6369 Business Office F 0
Trivium Credit Repair 877-700-1345 Business Office F 1
Alexander Credit no Unknown NR 0
American Choice Credit Solutions 877-988-2341 Business Office NR 0
Avalon Credit no Business Office NR 0
Clean Credit Group 800-420-4946 Unknown NR 0
Clean Credit OK no Business Office NR 0
Credit Innovations 888-498-3426 Business Office NR 0
CreditCross 800-830-7994 Unknown NR 0
Edit Your Credit, LLC 877-820-4509 Personal Residence NR 0
FB Credit Law 800-583-1628 Business Office NR 0
Improve My Credit USA 866-802-3470 Business Office NR 0
KEL Credit Repair 888-552-3655 Business Office NR 0
National Credit Alliance 877-603-3137 Business Office NR 0
Omega Credit Repair 888-996-6342 Unknown NR 0
Pendleton Legal 800-590-7284 Business Office NR 0
RTR Credit Solutions 888-505-0034 Unknown NR 0
The Credit Guru 888-528-6041 Business Office NR 0


Toll Free Number - An indication of the company's size as well as their commitment to servicing customers.

Physical Location - Used to show whether a company is headquartered in an office building / retail location, personal residence, or unknown. Unknown is used when an address is not provided or when an address does not correspond to a building such as is the case with a PO Box or shipping only address.

Online Signup - If the credit repair company provides the option for customers to sign up for services online, this column will be marked as Secure or Unsecure. Secure indicates that the company had provided a secure web form where information being submitted is protected from being intercepted using ssl encryption technology. Unsecure indicates an unencrypted web form where information submitted is susceptible to being intercepted. We highly recommend that you DO NOT submit any sensitive personal information via unsecure forms.

Online Account Management - Shows if the company provides the ability to log into an online interface where you can manage your account and monitor the progress of the credit repair service. Depending on the company, this may include the ability to select which items are to be disputed, view credit reports, and communicate with account representatives.

Credit Repair Services - The services portion of the chart provides a high level view of which services the company provides.
  • Credit Bureau Disputes: Disputes questionable credit listings directly with the credit bureaus as permitted by the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Creditor Interventions: Works directly with creditors in an effort to get them to stop reporting negative information to the credit bureaus or report it in a way that is less damaging to your credit score
  • Credit Score Coaching: Provides personalized advice to consumers based on their individual credit situation on steps they can take to improve their credit score.
  • Debt Reduction: Helps customers work with creditors to lower existing debts

BBB Rating - Letter rating from A+ to F assigned by the company's local BBB. NR indicates that either the BBB has not provided a rating or the company does not have a BBB file.

BBB Unresolved Complaints - Number of complaints made to the BBB that the BBB has marked as unresolved. Unresolved complaints are one of the biggest factors driving down a BBB rating and may be indicative of a company that does not put a priority on the well being of its customners.

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