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331 Newman Springs Road, Suite 143, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701
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The owner of Clean Slate Credit Solutions is a disabled US Marine Corp veteran, and the company offers a discount to military (both active duty and retired), servicemen, police officers, fire fighters, and spouses. They currently have an A+ BBB rating. Keep an eye on Clean Slate Credit Solutions, and as they continue to do quality work they will be looked favorably upon by the BBB.

Many credit repair companies charge a monthly fee for their work on your credit reports. Clean Slate Credit Solutions charges fees after the negative items have been removed and only charges per item. Removing incorrect information about your address is different than information about bankruptcies and therefore you’re charged differently.

Clean Slate Credit Solutions initial audit fee is higher than other companies and is still a relatively new company compared to other companies in the industry.

Clean Slate Credit Solutions is still a very new company. This doesn’t immediately eliminate them from the list of quality credit repair companies, but an inexperienced company should make you a little wary. It’s a quality that should make you dig deeper. No one won gold their first time out of the gate, but perhaps a fresh company is exactly what you’re looking for. Do your homework to determine whether this company will suite your credit repair needs.
Year Established:9 year(s) of experience 2010 BBB Rating:Click here to view the
Clean Slate Credit Solutions BBB profile.
Toll Free Number:Free calls nationwide Yes Unresolved BBB Complaints: 0
Physical Location:Business headquarters Business Office Secure Online Signup:Uses https:// encryption No
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Credit Score Coaching
  • Free Credit Reports
Services range from $50 to $100 per deletion with a one time initial fee of $249.
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profile last updated: 6/11/2015 8:36:40 PM

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