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2919 Shadyside Road, Saint Albans, West Virginia 25177
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All indications point to this company no longer being in business. The Apex Credit Services website (www.apexcreditservices.com) is no longer online and mail sent to the business address was returned with the message "Forwarding Order Expired".
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  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Creditor Interventions
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  • Seasoned Tradelines
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Apex Credit Services Reviews

Apex Credit Services, LLC, did a wonderful job in repairing my credit as well as my wife’s. They know what they are talking about and know the FICO models inside and out. Through speaking with Apex Credit Services and implementing their seasoned tradelines and credit repair both my credit scores and that of my wife increased by over 150 points in a little less than 60 days.

They stand by their word and are true professionals in the credit repair business.
Had good experiences with Apex Credit Services, LLC. Bought the seasoned tradeline services they offer along with their credit restoration product and got about a 170 point jump. I’d highly recommend Apex Credit Services.
This review as well as all of the reviews below except for the reviews signed "Jay" and "Michael" were submitted from the same IP address and were possibly submitted by a person within the Apex Credit Services organization. While it is conceivable that the reviews were submitted on behalf of customers of the service, based on the content of the reviews, that does not appear to be the case. The reviews looked to be fake reviews submitted to promote Apex's services. CreditRepairCompare.com 7/24/2012
Unfortunetly, I didn’t have the same luck. After a year of trying to get my credit back up, I get 2 derogatory entries in my credit for a tradeline apex (jason) added me too. I just called boa and had them remove me. I have a letter now to dispute this with transunion. what a nightmare this has been.
Apex Credit Services, LLC, was completely upfront and honest with me. I was with Lexington Law and wasn't satisfied with their performace. Unlinke Lexington, Apex Credit Services, LLC, disputes every derogatory tradeline at once. Moreover, they do it by inaccurate or incomplete data field. They explained to me that this leads to a higher deletion ratio (which it does) and accrues violations of the FDCPA and FCRA (which it does). In short, they did two rounds of re-investigations and contacted the furnishers of information as well. They removed about 3/4 of the bad items and the rest that remained were referred to a consumer attorney in my jurisdiction which took the case on a contingency.

The difference in Apex Credit Services and the rest of the bunch in credit repair is that they're not automated. Everything is tailored for each client. They're credible and have impeccable credentials. I could tell that they were ran by attorney's and paralegals and that they knew the system. In all actuality, they knew far more than my loan officer about mortgage approvals and I credit them for my new home.

I did see some negative things about them on the net before going with them. I discerned after reading that garbage that it was nothing more than a pack of lies and I can assure you that after retaining them, going through their service and spending some time with them, they are excellent. The fact that the owner sued over the slanderous message board sums up the situation pretty well.

These guys are good and they'll do a wonderful job for you in quick fashion.
Apex Credit Services, LLC did a fanatastic job with my credit repair. I bought Apex Credit Services “credit restoration” service and purchased two, ten year old seasoned tradelines. Took about 60 days but, when Apex Credit Services was done my score had risen about 140 points to a 731. They did everything they said they would, answered all my questions and provided me screenshots/copies of everything.

A very professional credit repair firm to say the least. I suppose that’s why their bonded with Hartford, a three year member of the Better Business Bureau, certified by the CDIA, licensed and registered with the WV Secretary of State, and ran by attorney’s and paralegals. These guys know their stuff!
This corporation is a great credit repair firm. Apex Credit Services lead me by the hand throughout their 90 day plan (I was a bit naive about it) and explained everything to a fault. Their projections were pretty dead on and I couldn’t be happier. I say thumbs up for Apex Credit Services.
Apex Credit Services, LLC did a bang-up job for me and my wife. They cut $250.00 off of their base pricing and increased our mid-FICO scores by a little over 90 points in around 50 days. They were on the ball and I’d highly recommmend Apex Credit Services to anyone.
Apex Credit Services, LLC did exactly as they promised in adding my seasoned tradelines and credit repair. Apex Credit Services took my score from about a 520 to 690 in slightly less than 90 days. While Apex Credit Services, LLC charged me 1,800.00, it was money well spent and I found them to be more professional than any other credit service organization I talked to.
Apex Credit Services was completely up front with me concering my credit repair. The whole idea of credit repair has been demonized by the FTC and the credit reporting agencies but, Apex Credit Services, LLC did a great job. They know they FCRA, FDCPA, FCBA, the Facta Amendments to the FCRA and some state provisions. You know how "I" know this . . . it's because they actually took the time to explain it to me. Where are the "attorneys" at Lexington Law?

Anyway, from my dealings with Apex Credit Services, LLC, they do things by the letter of the law according to the CROA and they're not used car salespeople. They do things legally and will put you in the right direction. If they can't, Jason will put you in touch with a NACA attorney that he knows. This guy and his outfit are the real deal and they prove it with their backbone by suing people that say derogatory things about them.

I would recommend Apex Credit Services, LLC for anything pertaining to credit repair. Howewver, don't cross them by not paying because they do not threaten, they just sue.
Apex Credit Services, LLC took me from a 560 to 743 in slightly less than 90 days. During this time, they were responsive to all my needs and questions.

Apex Credit Services performed to rounds of escalated credit repair and added three tradelines to my reports. It went off flawlessly.

I would strongly recommend Apex Credit Services, LLC for both credit repair and seasoned tradeline services. Their prices are actually cheaper than most and the customer service is excellent. Moreover, they seem to be attorneys and paralegals whereas most of the other companies seem to be something less than.
My scores in late ‘07 were 500ish Fako and non-existant FICO. I was about to go through both payment in fulls and Lexington Law before I came across Apex. Rather then the usual ‘fill this out and pay per month’ I ended up talking to a real person, who listened to my situation and put together a real game plan based on my situation and goals.

Wiht their guidance and assistance, I have managed to get my scores to the 700+ range. They never engage in questionable practices (e.g. disputing inquiries with ‘Fraud’ claims that haunt you for your years) and balance aggressive tactics will long term gain.

Highest marks in a field full of charlatans…
Apex Credit Services, LLC was easily the most educated and professional credit repair firm I spoke with. They were founded by a consumer attorney and it appears that their staff is mainly paralegals. I found them to be completely honest and that they actually were attempting to prohibit me from going overboard. Apex Credit Services actually could have sold me more services but, they stuck by their projections which were far cheaper. Turns out they were right. In any event, I liked the fact that they discussed all my options with me for about three days before I even finally retained them.

Within roughly ninety days, my scores had went from a 587 to a 718 (mid-score). They communicated with me and put all my fears to rest. Again, very professional and informative. It felt like I was with a law firm rather than a credit repair agency.

Apex Credit Services is the best in the credit repair business.
Apex Credit Services is a top-flight credit repair agency. They corresponded with me promptly and increased my scores about 130 points in 90 days. I don’t know of anyone that does what Apex Credit Services does in this field, but I’d recommend them to anyone.
This is a long story but, a good one. I didn’t initially have a contract with Apex Credit Service, LLC however, they definately helped me. A guy that I won’t mention sold me a fake CPN number and told me that a few tradelines would be added to it. Well, they never were and he said it was Apex Credit Services, LLC’s fault. I called them and explained who I was. Jason Barnette personally looked into it and told me that they didn’t work with CPN’s and that they were illegal. The same guy that sold me this garbage refused to talk to me or refund my money however, Mr. Barnette and Apex Credit Services put the lines on my real social security number credit report. My scores increased a great deal.

They didn’t have to do this. They did it because Mr. Barnette is an attorney and Apex Credit Services actually believes in doing things the right way. All I can say is that this man is honest, professional and Apex Credit Services does what they say they will. They are sort of a watchdog in a terrible industry full of scammers.
Apex Credit Services, LLC was great to work with. They increased my scores by over 100 points in less than 90 days. They are ran by attorney’s and paralegals and conduct themselves as such. They answered every question I had and met all my expectations.

Good company!
Apex Credit Services, LLC was great to work with and came through with what they projected. Apex Credit Services didn’t nit-pick one or two tradelines instead, they disputed everything by specific inaccurate or incomplete data field. As a result, I saw a good many items deleted.

Apex Credit Services also added some positive tradelines which posted within 60 days. My FICO score jumped about 120 points within the 90 days I was with them.

They are well-trained and answered all the questions I had. No issues with them whatsoever and I would highly recommend them.

Apex Credit Services, LLC did a good job for me. My scores went from a 573 mid-score to a 714. I was able to obtain a good rate on a fixed re-fi after 90 days with them.

Apex Credit Services was fast, diligent and explained everything to me. I would recommend them to anyone.
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